Date Posted: May 15, 2018

About the Company:

Genetesis is a medical device company based in Mason, OH.  Founded in 2013, the company has been building a tool that measures magnetic fields that are naturally produced by a beating heart.  Genetesis uses that data to determine whether someone’s chest pain discomfort is due to acute heart conditions.   This non-invasive, 90 second test is conducted by positioning a sensor array above the patient’s chest.  The sensors pick up the magnetic fields being emitted by the patient’s heart and will determine whether that person is at risk for serious acute cardiac conditions like acute coronary artery disease.  The company hopes to receive FDA clearance by the end of 2018 and start selling the product in early 2019.

Meanwhile, the company has a team of software developers, design engineers, usability experts, electrical engineers, and project leaders working diligently on the continual development of both the actual sensor device as well as the software it uses.

Before CoreTouch:

The company has adopted the Agile methodology for its product development. As part of this process, a variety of different types of meetings happen on a regular basis.  In the past, these meetings were held using a standard display in the conference room.  Attendees would take turns attaching their laptop to the necessary cable in order to share their progress.

Collaboration between different applications and platforms was difficult as it often required stopping the conversation to disconnect one laptop and connect another. But since the team was unaware of any alternatives, this was simply accepted as the only option to share updates and development progress.

After CoreTouch:

Since installing a 72” Touchscreen display and the CoreTouch intelligent appliance, SCRUM meetings have taken on a whole new level of collaboration.  The software development team all take their laptops into a meeting with four members connecting simultaneously.  One quadrant is used to display the SCRUM board, where the team is kept apprised of project status.  The other quadrants are used to display work in progress, whether that is a code review, design interface, or some other schematic.

The “plug-and-play” nature of CoreTouch makes it easy for individual attendees to quickly connect and share their individual work-in-progress.  The swipe and share functionality allows the team to switch from showing one device full screen, where a modification might be made, to the quadview where everyone can see the updates in real time.

Having experienced the benefits of CoreTouch for SCRUM meetings, other departments at Genetesis have also started using the technology.  The engineers designing the hardware devices now use CoreTouch to show and review their assembly designs together in the same conference room.  Attendees in the meeting access the company’s cloud-based 3D CAD system in one quadrant with engineers taking turns explaining their designs.  This enables Genetesis to manipulate various components in real time, simplifying and enhancing the interaction between the product development teams.  Another quadrant is used for taking meeting minutes so everyone is in agreement with what was discussed during the meeting.

Genetesis also uses CoreTouch when interviewing potential new hires.  Candidates bring samples of their work on a thumb drive, which is then displayed on the Touchscreen in either full screen or as one of the quadrants.  Genetesis then uses the remaining quadrants to show candidates the company’s work in progress.

The Results:

Using CoreTouch has enhanced collaboration between the various departments within Genetesis.  The ability to spontaneously share information, make updates to systems and software in real-time, and move quickly from one application to another has made for more efficient and fruitful meetings.  Since CoreTouch offers plug-and-play connectivity, the time that used to be wasted waiting for people to switch devices and inputs has been eliminated.  Now it’s all about getting the work done instead of worrying about the connection.  Commented Manny Setegn, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Genetesis, “The meeting room that has CoreTouch is always in high demand.  On top if it being very useful for us, we enjoy using it in external meetings for the “cool” factor as well as the efficiency gained from the appliance.”

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