Who We Are

Layer Logic develops unique collaboration solutions for conference and huddle rooms.

The digital workplace is only as effective as the tools it uses.  The more seamless the technology, the more effective the collaboration.  And in today’s world of BYOD, that seamless integration is getting harder and harder to find.  The result?  Precious meeting time is wasted trying to connect laptops, hunt down the missing remote, download the necessary software, and figure out the correct input on the display monitor.

Our solutions remove these obstacles by enabling any user in the room to switch presenters, change on-screen layouts, and control content and sources from their smartphone, tablet, PC or an Interactive Flat Panel.

Bring your own device regardless of the operating system.  Bring your own data, your own applications, whatever you use, every day.  There is no software to download onto your laptop, no remote needed to change inputs, you simply connect and collaborate.

The Evolution of Layer Logic, Inc.

Mid 2015

The future founders of Layer Logic were frustrated with the limitations of current touch-enabled video walls. What was the point of making such a huge investment if you could only control one input at a time? Why couldn’t all the inputs be simultaneously controlled through touch?

January 2016

Sensing an opportunity, Layer Logic is formed to enhance collaboration in the digital workplace. The vision? Develop video wall control software that allows for simultaneous control of all sources connected to a touch-enabled video display wall.

March 2016

Cobalt video wall control software is released for the Christie Spyder X20. Cobalt’s unique pop-up menu allows users to dynamically control every input connected to the Spyder X20 simultaneously through touch. Users can add sources, move them anywhere on the wall, and access them at any time through touch. Presets allow users to quickly change layouts.

June 2016

Atlas, our video wall control software for Datapath’s wall controllers is released. Like Cobalt, Atlas enables all sources connected to the wall controllers to remain individually interactive.

February 2017

As touchscreen technology continues to improve, including capabilities like 4K and quad-view layout of four sources, the problem remains that only one source at a time is touch-interactive. Layer Logic begins developing an appliance that brings the most mission critical parts of Cobalt and Atlas to a single display panel, at a much lower cost. The appliance is named CoreTouch.

September 2017

CoreTouch is released in beta, providing a simple and inexpensive way to integrate up to four computer or video sources that are simultaneously touch-interactive into any touchscreen. There is no software to download, no remote needed to change inputs, you simply swipe and share.

April 2018

Layer Logic is accepted into the Innovation Showcase Pavilion for Infocomm 2018. The Showcase Pavilion is by invitation only, and reserved for new technologies that are expected to have a substantial impact on the AV Integration industry.

May 2018

General availability of the CoreTouch appliance is announced and the product begins shipping.

June 2018

The Layer Logic Mobile App for CoreTouch is released for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to control what content is displayed on the screen as well as offering keyboard and trackpad functionality.

The company launches the app and introduces CoreTouch to the industry at Infocomm 2018, where Tech & Learning Magazine awards Layer Logic "Best in Show" award.

Layer Logic Advisors & Board Members

Rich Reiss

CEO, Layer Logic


Rich Reiss

CEO, Layer Logic | Chairman

Rich is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several private and publicly traded companies in the telecommunications and video conferencing sector. He founded All Communications Corporation and served as its as its Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President from 1991 to 2000 at which time the company acquired ViewTech, Inc. and through a reverse merger, went public on Nasdaq as Wire One Technologies Inc.

Rich continued to serve as the CEO and Chairman of Wire One until October 2003. During this period, Wire One launched Glowpoint, an IP-based global network service dedicated to supporting video conferencing communication. In October 2003 Glowpoint was spun off as a standalone company. Rich served as Glowpoint’s Chairman through December 2007. For the past decade Rich has held board positions and advisory roles in several startups and corporate restructurings. Today Rich serves as Chief Executive Officer for Layer Logic, Inc.

Michael Brandofino

COO, Yorktel

Advisory Board & Acting CTO

Michael Brandofino

COO, Yorktel | Advisory Board & Acting CTO

Mike is an experienced business leader with a proven track record at various C level positions in both public and private companies developing and implementing distinctive, forward-looking, strategic plans, while controlling costs and developing world class technology and operational services on a global basis. His specialties include strategic planning, M&A integration, marketing and branding, technology and product development, and operations. Prior to co-founding Department 60, Mike was an EVP at AVI-SPL, where he grew Video related revenue from approximately $20M in 2009 to over $210M in 2013. He grew service related revenue from approximately $18M in 2009 to over $62M in 2013. He is the former CEO of Glowpoint, a publicly traded company offering managed services.

Michael Barr

Managing Partner, Water Mill Partners, LLC

Board of Directors & President

Michael Barr

Managing Partner, Water Mill Partners, LLC | Board of Directors & President

As the Managing Partner for Water Mill Partners, Michael’s experience includes approximately 60 completed merger, acquisition and divestiture transactions as an investment banker. He also provides strategic and financing advice for startups and growth companies. Prior to joining Water Mill Partners, Michael was a Senior Analyst at Prudentia Advisors, an Activist Hedge Fund focused on investing in the U.S. small and mid-capitalization (SMID) space.

Edison Peres

Founder & Principal, EFP Advisors Inc.

Advisory Board

Edison Peres

Founder & Principal, EFP Advisors Inc. | Advisory Board

A recognized global thought leader and business innovator in the technology industry, Edison works with executives to facilitate successful personal and business transformation.

Prior to EFP Advisors, Edison spent 14 years at Cisco Systems, holding several Channel executive positions before being promoted to Senior Vice President and being named Cisco’s Channel Chief. In his last role as SVP of Cisco’s Cloud and Managed Services partner organization, he lead the sales strategies and successfully grew the organization to $5.4 billion in revenue. Edison has extensive experience in strategic go-to-market leadership, creating and driving channel sales, marketing strategies, programs, engagement models and global business operations.

Bob Hagerty

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Plantronics, Inc.

Advisory Board

Bob Hagerty

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Plantronics, Inc. | Advisory Board

Bob was the Chief Executive Officer for Polycom where he grew the business from a speakerphone company to a market-maker in the communications industry with a broad range of collaboration tools, including telepresence, VoIP, video, and voice solutions. He increased revenue from $37 million to $1.1 billion to build the largest collaborative communications company in the industry during his tenure.

In his early years, Bob was at Digital Equipment Corporation, and from there joined Signal Corporation as a key executive in its broadcast equipment division. He played a significant role in the turnaround of the company, the expansion of tape recorders to broadcast solutions, and in driving the industry transition from analog to digital.

After that, Bob joined Conner Peripherals as an early executive and helped grow the computer disk drive business from $180 million in 1987 to $2.2 billion in annual revenue in 1991.
Bob later joined Logitech, Inc., as a top executive, where he helped to transform the company as the computer market became mainstream.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in operations research and industrial engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and a Masters degree in management from St. Mary's College of California. In addition to his Polycom board membership, Bob served on the board of directors for Palm, Inc. and Modulus, Inc. He currently serves on the boards of Plantronics, Inc. and eyeIO, LLC.

Leadership Team

Rich Reiss

CEO & Chairman

Rich Reiss

CEO & Chairman |

Justin Rich

VP of Product Development

Justin Rich

VP of Product Development |

Scott Vance

VP of Software Engineering

Scott Vance

VP of Software Engineering |

Todd Mapes

VP of Sales

Todd Mapes

VP of Sales |

Tom Volk

Director of Federal Sales

Tom Volk

Director of Federal Sales |